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About ME;
Hi my name is pearl i am nurse by profession and a crafter my passion.
I have worked as a nurse for 30 + years and i have had a wonderful career, still working in an industrial setting, hoping to continue for another few years.
   I started knitting at a young age probably around 7-8 years, and my passion took of from there, i was soon doing embroidery,crocheting,and sewing.
I am one of these people who cannot pass a bolt of fabric or a ball of wool without stopping for a pick, i will feel the fsabric, and sniff the wool, always buying supplies i don't really need, but want to add to my stash.
Generally if i like the color, or print,i will buy it with plans to create something later.
The Birth Of an Idea
I have always lived in remote areas first in NL and now in AB where quilt, or fabrics shops were not readily available to me, so therefore i have been ordering my supplies and fabric online for quite awhile.
Last year our son purchased his own house and moved out of our basement,leaving me with a bit of empty nest syndrome. Giving me some space for my sewing, knitting, and recently added rug hooking supplies.First time in my life that i have had a space to myself.
Thats when all this craziness started. I mentioned to my husband one day that i would love to have a little shop were i could sell fabrics, wools, and supplies, but of course were we live retail space is very expensive to rent, so he said why don't you sell online.
So i started, and at my age i am not that tech savy, but through many trials and error i have manage to get my site up and running.Clotheslinequilts and handiwork was born.
My goal is to provide top quality fabrics, wool, and supplies at reasonable prices, and maybe one day, have that little shop,
It has been quite an adventure and each and every day i learn something new, one draw back between my day job, and my shop i have lots of  unfinished projects.
But i do love opening those packages of fabric, and wool when they come, just like a kid at christmas.