Customized Silicone Wristbands: A Fun Addition to School Functions

Posted by Dean on 2/21/2014
Regardless of the grade level, school children love carnivals and book fairs. These are excellent ways to help fund extracurricular activities, sports and a wide variety of other aspects of school that may need a bit of extra cash. Until the powers that be realize the importance of educational nuances, it is up to the staff and parents to help raise the money that is needed from the community.

Customized silicone wristbands can add more to the occasion. By selecting school colors, logos and prideful sayings, these become a unique experience that could wind up being saved in someone's drawer for years to come. As they are inexpensive per unit, you could easily resell them to the local community or add them to gift bags for children amidst the carnival prizes.

Another idea for school spirit would be to hand these out at the door when parents or students pay for entering a sports event. It's a method of instilling school spirit as the students cheer for their team wearing wristbands of the school colors. Although it may be a bit difficult to hand them to parents of the opposing team, these demonstrations of pride can be handed out in the seating area dedicated to your school.

As you can customize these wristbands, you can use them as tokens of accomplishment for students who excel at any given task. Perhaps you could hand them out to honor roll students accompanied by report cards. Adding the school year and the accomplishment could give the child a way to remember his or her childhood later in life as a tool for nostalgic purposes. It's these small rewards that many adults remember in life and the experience of being in school as a child.

Adding these customized wristbands to virtually any fundraiser is an easy task. Whether you are baking cakes, cookies, selling chocolate bars, or magazines, you could add the wristbands that are inexpensive to buy to drive some kind of income. It's a cheap alternative to selling more expensive items if the person doesn't have a lot of money. He or she may be more inclined to buy a couple of silicone school pride wristbands for a dollar each if that is all the cash the person has on them.

Customized silicone wristbands can have a wide variety of purposes in the school setting. Whether they are used as rewards, tokens of appreciation, or sold as fundraising material, these items could be cherished for years to come. As silicone is quite durable, they could withstand a great deal of punishment and time. Consider using these kinds of wristbands for your future scholastic pride demonstration and see for yourself how they can impact the students.