Fun Gifts for the Office

Posted by Pearl on 2/7/2014
Whether the goal is to spread holiday cheer or to simply boost morale, office gifts brighten everyone's day. Office gifts do not have to be complicated, and in fact, practically is key in the workplace. There are many options from which to choose, but when purchasing for gifts to use around the office, here are some options to consider.

Mousepads are possibly one of the most practical office gifts. Using a mousepad boosts the functionality of a computer mouse, so mousepads are essential pieces of office equipment. Select a mousepad with a cloth top to allow the mouse to move around freely and easily, and make sure it includes a rubber bottom to prevent it from sliding around the desk.

Throw away all of the disposable foam coffee cups in your office's lounge, and give your employees something to use each and every day. Sturdy coffee mugs retain heat better than disposable cups, and they allow each employee to have his own personal mug. Add an extra touch to this gift by filling each much with small candies or a chocolate-covered spoon.

Carrying files around the office becomes cumbersome at times, so tote bags are a practical addition to any office. Select a tote bag that is large enough to haul files, binders and more. A machine-washable bag makes it easy to clean up ink spills. Fill each bag with office supplies to make it a top-notch gift.

There are many gifts for the office that are useful and exciting. Your employees are sure to appreciate the thought you put into picking a gift that is perfect for them whether you choose to give the gift on its own or enhance it by adding extra goodies. Elaborate gifts are not necessary as even the smallest token of your appreciation makes a big difference.