High Quality Fabric Options for your Next Knitting Project

Posted by Addie on 3/12/2014
When planning your next knitting project, remember that not all fabrics are created equal.  Knitting fabrics contain differences in properties like stretch, heaviness, and feel.  Depending on the type of garment or accessory that you are creating, you should be able to find the perfect material to meet your needs.  The following fabric choices are some unique options to keep in mind. 
Flannel is a heavier, woven fabric resulting in a more durable and dense finished product.  When you think of flannel you typically think warm and cozy.  Flannel is a popular fabric choice for projects like blankets, infant washcloths, and scarfs.  This versatile fabric is perfect for sewing projects taken on during the colder winter months.  The material will be a joy to work with and will result in a great finished project that is perfect for gift giving. 
Wool Yarn
Wool yarn is one of the most popular and loved options when starting a knitting project.  Wool fibers are springy, making them fairly easy to work with, a feature that adds to its popularity.  The versatility and durability that wool yarn offers are other attractive qualities that lead knitters to choose this material.  The possibilities the wool offers are extensive.  However, some of the most popular choices for knitting projects are hats, gloves, headbands, and scarves.
Another very common and extremely versatile material for sewing and knitting projects is cotton.  This material is affordable, easy to work with and durable.  However, sometimes working with this material can be frustrating for beginners because of cotton’s lack of elasticity.  The lightweight, breathable material is a good choice for many of the garments and accessories that you may wish to create.  Cotton is typically easy to find in a wide variety of prints and patterns, adding to the versatility of this material. 
When you begin planning your next sewing or knitting project, keep these popular materials in your forethought.  Each one has a unique set of qualities that make it a popular choice.  Depending on the project that you are taking on, one of these should meet your needs, perfectly.  With anything that you decide to make, be mindful when washing or drying the garments to protect their color and quality.