How Promotional Products Increase Customer Awareness

Posted by Pearl on 2/8/2014
Think of the number of products you use every day. The products and brands you are most likely to remember are the ones that keep their names and logos in plain sight, from the Apple logo on your laptop to the company logo on your favorite coffee mug. Brands understand the value of gaining customer awareness, and one common strategy to gain awareness is to create promotional products that place the brand name directly in front of the customer.

One of the best brand promotional products is the coffee mug. By printing your brand's name and logo on a coffee mug, you create a product that your customer handles nearly every day and continues to use for years to come. Your logo turns up again and again, as the customer uses the mug, washes it, puts it on the shelf and takes it out later for a fresh cup of coffee. Every time your customer sees the mug, brand awareness increases.

The tote bag is also another way of increasing customer awareness, and tote bags have an advantage that coffee mugs do not: by taking tote bags out into public, customers increase awareness by serving as free advertisements for your brand. When your customer takes your tote bag into the grocery store for the weekly shopping, everyone your customer passes comes in contact with your brand.

Marketers also use wearable promotional products to promote awareness. When your customers wear baseball caps or lapel pins with your brand's slogan, other people are likely to ask them about the slogan and about your brand. These promotional products are also worn as status symbols; think of all the people who wear Nike T-shirts or North Face jackets.

To use promotional products successfully to increase customer awareness, choose products that are likely to be used or worn often. The more your customer comes into contact with the product, the more your customer remembers your brand. Products that are worn or carried into public also prompt awareness in other people beyond the initial customer, and help convert new customers to your brand.