Knitting Is Popular In 2014

Posted by Pearl on 2/18/2014
Knitting can no longer be thought of as a boring craft only resulting in sweaters, mittens, and beanies.  There are a number of creative and unique knitting projects to spice up craft time.  With high quality yarn and knitting needles, you can take on some exciting projects.  The following are just a few ideas to keep in mind for your next needle and yarn project.
Crocheted Cowl
If you saw the most recent Hunger Games film “Catching Fire,” then you most likely noticed the cowl that Katniss wore.  Warm up during these cold winter months with your own handmade version.  Cowl’s are as comfortable and practical as a scarf, providing even more coverage and adding a unique, stylish component.  Pair it with a leather jacket and some boots for a tough yet tender appearance. 
Mug Sweater
When you think of knitted or crocheted accessories, you think of warmth and comfort.  This is especially true concerning your steaming mug of tea or coffee.  Knit a coozie-style sweater to go around your favorite mug.  It will keep your hands cool, and your drink warm as you warm up on a cold day. 
Crocheted Envelope
We live in an age of constant digital communication, rarely taking the time to handwrite a note or card.  The next time that you want to express your love to a friend or loved one, write them a card.  Take the gift up a notch by crocheting a handmade envelope.  Find a pattern and style that suits your fancy, and pass along this heartwarming gift. 
Get creative and think outside the box the next time you sit down to begin a new knitting project.  These are just a few of the countless unique projects that you can take on.  Whether you are creating something for yourself or making a handmade gift, consider these great options.