Why we Love Briggs & Little

Posted by Pearl on 2/22/2014
We are so proud that we're selling Briggs & Little yarns! Most of their spun products are certified 100% Pure Wool (no blends, no fillers, no acrylics). They also offer an 80/20 blend of wool and nylon, but we're bringing you their 100% Pure Wool yarns!

Their all-wool yarns are of the same heirloom quality that generations of knitters and crocheters have used since 1857. Briggs & Little is able to offer such consistent quality because they still produce their yarns in one of the only remaining vertically integrated mills in Canada. Their mill is the oldest woolen operation in Canada, in fact, beginning production as Little’s Woolen Mills. The mill has been rebuilt after each of the four fires which destroyed it. Our Canadian suppliers refuse to give up! They've grown, integrated new milling techniques, and continue to expand their product lines.

The vertical mill is significant because it allows Briggs & Little to completely control the quality of their yarns. Their process starts with raw wool and becomes beautiful, soft, and colorful dyed yarns, all under one roof! Our supplier doesn’t outsource one moment of their carding, spinning, milling, or dying processes. Their quality controls are first-rate because they oversee every step, just as they've done for over 150 years when Mr. Lister started milling wool there. Roy Little took over the operation in the 1890’s.

Briggs & Little offers a range of yarns, from homespun to their nylon and wool blend. All their yarns are top-quality and suitable for all your knit-work needs. Whether you knit, crochet, hook, or weave, we are sure you will be thrilled with the softness and durability of these 100% Canadian wool yarns. They've certainly come a long way from their initial palette of white, grey, and black!