Creating One-of-a-kind Hand Hooked Rugs

Posted by Pearl on 2/25/2014
Rug hooking is a practice that dates back hundreds of years. What we commonly call rug hooking today is technically latch hooking, named after the tool used to pull the yarns through and knot them in one smooth motion. The latch hook is derived from some of the first commercial knitting machines used in the late 19th century.

Block Quilting 101

Posted by Pearl on 2/24/2014
Quilting can seem a really intimidating prospect for a new stitcher, but it doesn't have to be. For those new to the craft, block quilting is the way to go! For fast production, machine quilting might be a good option, rather than hand-stitching, but the concept remains the same.

Why we Love Briggs & Little

Posted by Pearl on 2/22/2014
We are so proud that we're selling Briggs & Little yarns! Most of their spun products are certified 100% Pure Wool (no blends, no fillers, no acrylics). They also offer an 80/20 blend of wool and nylon, but we're bringing you their 100% Pure Wool yarns!

Customized Silicone Wristbands: A Fun Addition to School Functions

Posted by Dean on 2/21/2014
Regardless of the grade level, school children love carnivals and book fairs. These are excellent ways to help fund extracurricular activities, sports and a wide variety of other aspects of school that may need a bit of extra cash. Until the powers that be realize the importance of educational nuances, it is up to the staff and parents to help raise the money that is needed from the community.

Merino Wool

Posted by Pearl on 2/20/2014
We do a lot of talking about the fact that our yarns from Knitca™ are 100% British or Merino wools. Wool yarn is one of the warmest and sturdiest knitwear products available, but do you know what makes Merino wool, in particular, so special?


Posted by Pearl on 2/19/2014
For a novice knitter it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed by just going into a yarn shop or crafts store. There are so many choices, choosing which one is best for a particular project can seem daunting. For this reason, most knitters just stick to the exact type (and often the color) of yarn that is suggested in the pattern, but there’s no reason to let fear of failure limit the choice. And it’s not necessary as long as you understand something about yarn weights and how they affect what you are making.

Knitting Is Popular In 2014

Posted by Pearl on 2/18/2014
Knitting can no longer be thought of as a boring craft only resulting in sweaters, mittens, and beanies. There are a number of creative and unique knitting projects to spice up craft time. With high quality yarn and knitting needles, you can take on some exciting projects. The following are just a few ideas to keep in mind for your next needle and yarn project.

Great Customizable Gifts for Employees

Posted by Pearl on 2/9/2014
If your office's morale is down, bring it back up to where it needs to be by getting a gift for your employees. These gifts do not have to be big or elaborate, as any token of your appreciation goes a long way. Make these presents even more special by customizing them. Mugs are the quintessential office present. Giving each employee a custom mug not only provides desk decor, it also gives your employees something to use for their coffee each day. This means you no longer have to purchase little foam coffee cups. For employees who do not drink coffee, mugs make great candy dishes or pen holders.

How Promotional Products Increase Customer Awareness

Posted by Pearl on 2/8/2014
Think of the number of products you use every day. The products and brands you are most likely to remember are the ones that keep their names and logos in plain sight, from the Apple logo on your laptop to the company logo on your favorite coffee mug. Brands understand the value of gaining customer awareness, and one common strategy to gain awareness is to create promotional products that place the brand name directly in front of the customer.

Fun Gifts for the Office

Posted by Pearl on 2/7/2014
Whether the goal is to spread holiday cheer or to simply boost morale, office gifts brighten everyone's day. Office gifts do not have to be complicated, and in fact, practically is key in the workplace. There are many options from which to choose, but when purchasing for gifts to use around the office, here are some options to consider.